Seduction Stories – choose your own love story

Your new otome romance game saga on iOS and Android

Seduction Strories trailer, for iOS and Android

Seduction Stories is a video game in which you choose your own love story.

A love story with choices that matter

You play the character of a young girl who has just landed her first job in a small neighborhood pastry shop in Paris.

You will soon meet three handsome boys, Adrien, Stanislas, and Gaspard, who will make you live exciting love stories.

The choices you make during your adventure will determine whether or not you will share an intoxicating romance with your favorite.

Make your own love story

Seduction Stories is an otome game. This Japanese word, which means “girl”, also refers to a type of text-based game, mainly aimed at a female audience, where the aim is to experience virtual love stories.

Otome games are becoming increasingly popular in the West and are particularly popular in the United States.

They offer a narrative and playful experience, a bit like a novel in which you are the hero. The outcome of the game, therefore, depends on the choices that have been made by the player.

An open experience

Some fresh air

Seduction Stories also intends to go against the stereotypes usually conveyed by existing otome games, whether they come from Japan or not.

The heroine that we propose to our players to embody is a young girl with a will of her own, who assumes her desires and sentimental misguidance, far from any guilt.

She is not a badass or a man-eating animal. We believe that our heroine does not need to be Carrie Bradshaw or Lara Croft to experience extraordinary love stories.

Fantasy and… reality

Rooted in a resolutely “middle class” setting, she faces real problems, relevant to the issues of today’s society.

We are, therefore, far from the luxurious and competitive “bling-bling” atmospheres to which New Romance has accustomed to us.

Finally, we will have at heart to propose always more diversity in our cast, so that most people can recognize themselves in our stories.

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